​With Optional Pump Speed Control and Backup Manual Pump


Standard 5 Gallon with Optional Backup Manual Pump  


Standard 5 Gallon


 With Optional Pump Speed Control 


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1. Comes complete and ready to use.
2. Features main power switch with battery charge jack.
3. On Off On toggle switch for fueling and de-fueling.
4. Pick up tube in tank has clunk filter.
5. All electrics have plugs and receptacles for easy replacement.
6. 12 volt, 2100 mAh, NiMh battery, easy to charge and check voltage through JR style charge jack.
7. Plug and play replacement parts always available.
8. 90 day replacement warranty on all parts.​
​9. Optional backup manual pump is attached with Velcro for easy removal and use.

5 Gallon for Kerosene